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Farmstay Potential


Well run farmstays and stationstays that provide an exceptional experience for their guests are in great demand in Australia.
Venturing into tourism can supplement your income, contribute to your management and protection of your environment and encourage visitation to your area that will benefit other local businesses. If you are considering developing a tourism business on your agricultural property, you need to research and plan as carefully as you would for any business venture.
For busy farm families there are real considerations to be made if the business is to be successful, but for the right people the rewards can be considerable. This information deals mainly with agricultural stays, please see Starting A B&B for information relating to council permissions, regulations and other things you need to know about developing an accommodation business.
The Characteristics of Your Locality
Does your region have a diverse range of natural beauty, such as outstanding scenery, a national park or coastal region? Is water nearby for water sports and recreational activities? Is the area abundant in natural vegetation and wildlife?
Are there other regional features such as historical or cultural interests, sport and recreational facilities, shopping, restaurants, galleries?
Does your Region invest in attracting tourists to the area? Are local businesses welcoming to visitors. Is there infrastructure that caters to the needs of visitors. Is there an active local or regional tourism network that you can join?
Is the road system in your area well developed and can traffic along the main access roads run freely at all times?
Is Your Property Suitable for a Farmstay and Accommodation of Visitors?
Are the drives and roadways within your property in good order for visitor vehicles?
Can areas of the farm property be made safe for visitors, particularly children? Are dams and other hazards able to be fenced? Are farm equipment, chemicals and farm animals inaccessible to visitors?
Are there farm buildings such as a homestead, cottages, shearers sheds, cabins, that can be adapted for accommodation for visitors? Is there an area that can be made suitable for visitors to bring a pet (dog or horse)?
Are You, Your Family and Staff Ready to Host Visitors?
Are you able to cope with the demands made on your time in hosting visitors? These will include dealing with bookings, bookkeeping, advertising and promotions, renewing compliance registrations, website maintenance, garden and property maintenance.
When your guests arrive they will need to be greeted and shown around.
Time for any farm activities you intend to provide should be factored in and you will be expected to be available when visitors are ready to chat.
Do you and any family or staff members who are likely to interact with guests have the necessary interpersonal and hospitality skills required for hosting?
Unless your accommodation will be self catered, are you able to provide lunch and dinner for your guests if restaurants and cafes are not within an easy drive?


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